December 20

Management Consultant?



Are you a Management Consultant? Did you know that as a management consultant you are one of over 13 Million other management consultants on LinkedIn?
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Did you also know that clients choose consultants based on their perceptions of expertise?
On January 6th I am running a 5-Day Expert Positioning Challenge / Course where we will look at what the research says about:
  • What an expert is
  • How expertise differs from experience
  • What creates perceptions of expertise
  • What criteria clients use to choose consultants
  • How to position yourself as an expert

This is a brand new course I am piloting which is why it is free. Please share. The course includes Live Q&A sessions, discussions and you are free to keep all materials etc. after the course.  

Registrations close soon


Disclaimer: This is a research review, expert interpretation and briefing. As such it contains other studies, expert comment and practitioner advice. It is not a copy of the original study – which is referenced. The original study should be consulted and referenced in all cases. This research briefing is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not accept any liability for the use to which this review and briefing is put or for it or the research accuracy, reliability or validity. This briefing as an original work in its own right and is copyright © Oxcognita LLC 2016-2019. Any use made of this briefing is entirely at your own risk.

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