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The Hottest Research Trends 2018: Analysis by The Oxford Review

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The research trends 2018.

There are around 78,500 peer reviewed research articles published around the world every month. Our aim is to find the most practical and useful of these across the below areas, turn them into easy to understand and practically useful briefings for our members. As a result our search algorithms are hunting down the best research daily.
Our latest analysis of the latest research trends 2018 in the following areas:

The research categories The Oxford Review covers

At the Oxford Review we aim to provide our members with briefings about the very latest research and thinking across the areas of
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Organisational Change
  • Organisational Learning
  • Human Resource Management and Human Capital
  • Learning and Development
  • Coaching
  • Work Psychology
  • Decision-Making

Within each of these categories we use 1000’s of positive and negative keyword search permutations to find and access the latest research, ideas and thinking for our members is that they remain the most impassively knowledgeable people in the room.

Our constant programatic and human monitoring means that we notice new trends and shifts in thinking as they happen.
From the research briefings we provide our members the 15 most published research topics of 2017/2018 (peer reviewed studies published since January 2017 to now) are:

 The 2017/2018 hottest research topics in defending order:

  1. Business development – 145,000 papers
  2. Work flow – how to get into flow at work – this is the surprise number 2 with 86,000 research studies since the start of 2017
  3. Organisational Management 80,100
  4. Business Growth – 79,300
  5. Open Innovation – 75,300
  6. Leadership – 64,700
  7. Organisational culture change – 37,000
  8. Coaching – 30,600
  9. Business growth stages – 28,300
  10. Leadership of change – 28,100
  11. Leadership uncertainty 22,900
  12. Organisational perception of risk – 20,700
  13. Human Resources – 20,500
  14. Staff productivity levels 18,700
  15. Behaviour change – 14,000 studies

Research Trends 2018: What’s rising the fastest?

  1. Flow at work
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Organisational ambidexterity
  4. Open innovation
  5. Dealing with uncertainty
  6. HR Devolvement
  7. Agile

Research often follows the trends in industry but can also drive interest in the workplace.

Right click the image to download the infographic:

Research Trends 2018


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